At Michigan Lakes Team we work diligently to provide the best possible service. That's just part of the Michigan Lakes Team advantage! Here are just a few positive things our clients had to say about our us.

- KS

I work at a real estate company near my lake home as their receptionist. I hired the Michigan Lakes Team because my company does not engage in that type of marketing. They showed my house to 7 different families within 5 weeks and received 3 offers. I successfully sold my house. Only one other company showed the house, but no one has buyers like the Michigan Lakes Team.

- Harvey and Arlene

They really think outside the box for marketing. They had me in the newspaper slalom skiing our 800 acre lake. I am 75. Our agent made sure we said our home is for sale and the reporter had house pictures. Boy did we get traffic. They also had our home on A&E's Celebrity House Hunters and yes the celebrity bought our house.

- Bob and Carol S.

Love the Chicago bus tour! Great day of learning and fun. Great company.

- Dr. Dave

Best lake real estate anywhere! I tell all my friends to use them. You can't do better.

- Kathy M.

My agent with Michigan Lakes Team really worked for us. She would not let us accept the sellers counter. We paid $50,000 less then we were going to accept.

- JN

Michigan Lakes Team saved me $17,000 in repairs I was willing to pay for the buyer of my house. Rather than making it easy on herself, before she told them we would pay she fought for us and the buyers agreed to drop the repairs. Loved the call saying never mind paying the $17,000.

- Ray

I was told by another realtor that you guys are the "go to" company for waterfront properly. I am so glad I did.

- Tom

Lakes Team knew all the details of every lake. The good and the bad.

- David and Sue

We loved having only one agent for all of SW Michigan. They knew our driving time and we saw all the houses that would work for us in that time. In one day too.

- Tim M

You have the best lake web site I found anywhere. Really great!